Living life by the board

our story

A marketing executive and a carpenter meet after returning from very different lives to their shared small seaside hometown. No, it's not a Hallmark channel movie, though I'm pretty sure I've seen one like it. It's the story of us, Alia and Jay, partners in life, crime, and our love of the board (Surf, Skate and Charcuterie). Over the past 16 years from one coast to another, our greatest shared joy (besides our children) has been bringing people together in our home for gatherings big and small.  Our combined Afghan, Irish and Italian heritage have given us a great appreciation of flavor, color, and any food that pairs well with a good drink. 

With a focus on quality ingredients, expert craftsmanship, and delicious design, we bring to you life by the board, a business built with the intention to treat all of our customers as if they were guests in our own home, enjoying food, drink and laughter around our table. We hope you like what you see and love what you get even more. 

Thanks for coming by. Now dig in!


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